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Paragon at Old Town is not just any old apartment complex. We strive to create a community where you, our residents, can expect more out of everyday life. Our team members do the little things for you that make each day a delight. Work changes. Life changes. Our commitment to elevate the everyday for you does not. Check out just a few of the perks Paragon at Old Town has to offer.

  • Refreshment/Coffee Bar
  • Personalize Your Apartment with Accent Walls
  • 30 Day Move-In Promise
  • 72-Hour Service Request Guarantee 
  • PAWS Program
  • And More!

Paragon at Old Town


700 S Myrtle Ave Monrovia, CA 91016 US

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Pets are family here. In our household we don’t like getting on the scale, so we won’t make your pup do it either. Also, in our family, pet ownership is a two-way street. You pick up after them and we provide you treats in return. Simply walk Fido into the office and we’d be delighted to reward him for a job well done.

And while we wish we could accept them all, we do have some restrictions. View our full policy here.

Ready to sign up? Download our Pet Application here!


Giving back to the community | Paragon at Old Town

Giving Back

Sequoia is a proud partner of the Children’s Miracle Network. From surprise hospital visits to donation rallies, children have a special place in our hearts. We love to help make their days a little more special – especially when their days are not so great.

Saluting our heroes | Paragon at Old Town

Saluting our Heroes

We gratefully acknowledge the many sacrifices made by firefighters, nurses, police officers, active duty military personnel, veterans, and teachers, by offering them special discounts when they move into Paragon at Old Town. Thank you for your service.

Forever Homes | Paragon at Old Town

Forever Homes

We know the “ordinary” for a shelter pet is not so great. To make their lives a lot more special, Sequoia is happy to reimburse our residents up to $250 each time they adopt a cat or dog from the local humane society. So go ahead, make their day.