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10 Amazing Packing Tips to Save Time


Isn't falling in love with a new place exciting?! We sure think so! It's kind of what we do at Sequoia. 


Now, let's talk about all that 'stuff' you have to move. Where do you even start? Boxes? Tape?


We've got you covered with 10 AMAZING moving tips that are sure to make your transition much easier. 



1. Pack a " first night " bag.

You know, all the stuff you're too exhausted to dig through boxes looking for. Personal care items, an outfit for work the next day, paper kitchen essentials, and TOILET PAPER. A candle warmer to brand your new place never hurt either.

2. Dress up your dishes.

To save on bubble wrap, wrap your breakables and dishes in clothes and towels. You're helping reduce environmental waste, too!


3. Grab some markers.

Label or color code your boxes with what room they go to. If you're lucky enough have a slew of moving help, it will definitely alleviate the chatter of "where does this go?"

4. Pack your plates vertically.

This way, they're less likely to break in the move.


5. Invest in a LARGE roll of stretch wrap.

Trust me, this will help you with fabric furniture, preventing wood scratches, and to help keep things grouped together.

6. Always have some sandwich bags handy.

Furniture and window hardware is the number one item that ends up lost in a move. Pack your chargers and cords in baggies as well.


7. No guesswork.

Before you unplug your TV or computer, snap a photo of the cord hookups. You don't want to miss #TGIT because you weren't prepared.

8. Put your clothes in the trash.

No, really. Keep your clothes on the hangers JUST how they are by slipping a trash bag over them and pulling the hanger through the top. Save time by not having to fold, pack, unpack, sort, and hang.


9. Don't want it? Sell it.

Looking for an additional low cost motivator to repay all of the help of family and friends on moving day BESIDES pizza and beer? Give them first dibs on the things you originally planned to sell or donate. Someone can use that snazzy IKEA shelf!

10. Don't try to eat all the food.

Avoid melting ice cream and spoiled OJ by making your last grocery shopping trip TWO WEEKS prior to moving. This will de-bulk the food essentials going from one home to the next.


Whether you're moving across the country or across town, moving isn't anybody's favorite pastime. Cut that time in half with these tips and enjoy your new home!