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10 Things You Forgot On Your Apartment Tour


Do all the rooms have overhead lighting installed?

Touring your place during the day can be deceiving. Don’t let the natural light fool you. If there’s no overhead lighting, will you be okay with installing floor or table lamps? Do the light switches go to the correct outlets where the lighting will go?

How long does it take for the hot water to get to the bathroom?

Does the unit have its own water heater? How far away is it from your bathroom? Turn on the water to see how long you’ll be standing in the bathroom waiting to shower.

How large is the washer and dryer?

Many stacked washer and dryer sets are not full size, so they demand smaller and more frequent laundry loads. Maybe not the best choice for families!

Cabinet fixtures.

Make sure they are installed properly and that they are easy to grab! Look for handles with openings, solid handles are hard to grab when you’re balancing all the clean dishes.

Property lighting.

Is your carport well lit? Are the paths from your parking well lit? Does your unit have an exterior light?

Do all the windows have blinds?

Seems simple, but an open window can be an open invitation to thieves looking at your big screen TV.

What’s the response time of your landlord?

Does it take them 3 days to respond to your text or call? What happens if you have an emergency service request and they are out of town?

Check the insides of the closets.

Many house cleaners will forget to open the closets and clean them when they turn the unit. Check the door tracks and crevices too.

Are the baseboards in good condition?

Sometimes baseboards can get pretty banged up from the previous tenant’s furniture. Are they in good condition, and are they repainted? These guys collect so much dirt and dust, you’ll want them to be cleaned before you move in.

Are the window ledges in good condition?

Ledges can be a good indicator if the windows are weather-proof. Look for peeling paint to see if water leaks in. Cleaners can also forget these areas, so point out any dirty areas if you see them!