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10 Tips for Your Housewarming Party


So you’ve just moved in.

You’re slowly unpacking but you realize just how many things you still need. Towels for the guest bathroom that no one is supposed to use, a rug for the entry way, maybe even a little greenery to help with the air quality, you know… things to make it ‘home’. Now’s the time to plan your housewarming party and we’re here to help.

Here are the top ten things recommended by to get the ball rolling on throwing yourself an awesome housewarming party for the books.

1.  Guest List

Go through your contact list or social media. Bare in mind the amount of entertaining space your new home offers. If your cozy studio won’t cut it, seek out a common area or clubhouse at your community to host. Compare notes with your spouse or roommate before you finalize the guest list to get an idea of how much food and drinks you’ll need to pick up.

2.  Pick a theme

Themes are EVERYTHING. This piece is the first impression for your guests of the party at hand. Make sure your invitations reflect the vibe you’re going with.  Paper invitations are a lost art. Who doesn’t like to get an envelope in the mail with a little confetti? If you’re short on time or resources, you can also spring for a Facebook Event with an exciting cover photo. This is a great digital option that will also help you log correspondence and track RSVPs.

3. Details of the event

Make sure to include details of the event on the invitation. Place and time are essential but feel free to add any registry details, theme if it’s not obvious, and any pertinent directions for getting to the event. Make it known if the guests can bring a plus one, if food is served, if it’s BYOB or if spirits will be served.

4.  Send invitations

If you’re going for traditional paper invites, send them one month in advance. Include RSVP information and ask that guests reply 7 days before the party.

5.  Menu

With the nature of the party, mingling and movement will be at peak. Finger foods and quick grab appetizers are an awesome option. Double check those RSVPS before planning so you know just how much to buy. If you specified for your guests the BYOB theme, have at least one cocktail on hand for them to try. Spiked punch never disappoints but be sure to serve some non alcoholic options as well.

6. Supplies

Paper plates, cutlery, cups, napkins and most importantly …DECORATIONS.

7. Set the mood

Twinkle lights are an inexpensive way to set the mood and you can’t go wrong with some fresh flowers from the market. Don’t forget paper banners, confetti for the tables, and a custom play list complete with upbeat and mellow tunes.

8. Clean

This part should be pretty intuitive. Your guests are going to be interested in a grand tour and you don’t want to have to hide all of your unfolded laundry behind a door they aren’t allowed to open. Clean bathrooms, kitchen floors, and any common areas. A good smelling candle goes a long way for a signature first impression for guests, too.

9. Atmosphere

Nothing makes a better host than one that makes sure that everyone feels at home. Keep the guests fed and with full cocktails in hand. Socialize and enjoy the party!

10. Thank you cards

Make sure to compile a list of any gifts and their givers to send thank you cards. Send a note thanking them for attending and celebrating your new home.