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5 Plants to Help You Get Better Sleep


Over 100 positions, four hours later and an exact count down to how much sleep you could get if you fall asleep within the next five minutes. Sound familiar? We've all been there and are here to help you not only sleep better but also gain some great health benefits along the way by introducing you to 5 plants to put inside your home.

NASA recently performed a study about how plants have the ability to have a calming and cleansing effect on the environment. Additional benefits include: boosted mood, better air quality, less anxiety, reduced stress, improved brain function, headache relief and improved sleep.  

  1. Aloe Vera Plant - The great news is that it's easy to keep alive and helps emit oxygen during the night time which may help improve the overall quality of sleep and help with insomnia.

  2. English Ivy Plant - Easy to grow and is commonly used to assist those with breathing problems. No wonder it's one of the best air-purifying plants and can help significantly improve the quality of sleep!

  3. Lavender Plant - Not only does it smell amazing but also helps improve the quality of sleep, promotes relaxation and slows down the activity of the nervous system.

  4. Jasmine Plant - Exotic, soothing and helps contribute to alertness and productivity the next day? I'm in. Plus, it has beautiful pink or ivory blossoms.

  5. Snake Plant - Great for interior decorating and one of the most recommended plants for improving indoor air quality by helping filter the oxygen toxins inside the home.  

With stress, anxiety and all life has to offer that attributes to all of our insomnia issues, it's a great idea to fill your bedroom and home with a variation of plants that provide a calming effect.  Not only are they inexpensive, look great, smell incredible and offer vitality and life to your living space as well, but also can promote a healthy sleeping pattern.