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5 To-Dos To Protect Your Dog This Winter


Is your pup ready to brave the weather and play in the snow? A few simple precautions can help make your dog more comfortable in winter weather.

1. Trim the hair around their paws. Wet hairs can become very cold and even freeze in very cold temperatures. Plus, that's less dirt tracked into your home! 

How to protect your dog in the cold

2. Did you know dog paws can still crack, even though they are more adaptable to the elements? Think of any cuts or cracks you may have had on your hands or feet – it’s just as painful and uncomfortable to your dog. Shield their paw pads with Musher's Secret. If sledding dogs in Canada love it, your pup will too!

Dog paws need to be shielded in the snow

3. Watch out for melting snow. Antifreeze and salt can be toxic to dogs, so don't let them lick the ice, snow, or water. If you wouldn't lick it, don't let your dog!

Can dogs eat snow?

4. Don't you just love jumping under your electric blanket after being outside? Your pup can have their own! Put a heating disc in their kennel to warm up after coming inside. 

How to warm up your pets

5. Mama always reminded us to put on our coats when it's cold out. Put on a waterproof jacket to keep your pet dry. Look for ones with reflective strips for nighttime walks.

Go play! Portland doesn't get snowed in often... enjoy the season while it lasts!

Cold weather can be fun for pets