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6 Ways to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger or Plumber


Have you ever come across a job at home that you are DREADING calling a professional for? Or maybe you're renting and want to skip calling in a service request?  DIY jobs come in handy in either one of these scenarios. But what happens when it's kind of a gross one, like a clogged toilet? Happens to us all at some point. 

When we least expect it, our normally reliable toilet lets us down. While a few flushes and a poke with the toilet brush is often enough to get things moving again, when it isn’t enough we have some great suggestions on how you can tackle the problem easily with a few different methods depending on the tools you have at hand.

Check out this great infographic put together by Legendary Home Services for the details:


How to unclog your toilet infographic without a plumber or plunger with things around your house