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7 Chilling Tips for Surviving A Winter Move


Congratulations! You just found the perfect apartment that you absolutely LOVE. It's like a match made in heaven!

The only catch - you have to move in the winter. Quite possibly the most ominous strategic planning mishap - bet you didn't think about having to move your perfectly packed stuff in the cold. 

But don't worry! We've compiled the 7 most helpful tips for braving the ice storms and downpours.



1. Get an early start.

Remember when you set your clocks back in November? That'll catch up to you now. The sun will rise earlier, but the night sets in earlier. You don't want to be lugging stuff in the dark.

2. Pack your stuff carefully.

Double pack items that are fragile to begin with. Cold temperatures can make glassware very brittle. Take extra good care of your electronics. They're not made to withstand the elements.

3. Dump your kids and pets with your friends.

Hiring pet sitters or baby sitters can be expensive! Hand them off to a friend or family member so you don't have to worry about them in the moving truck. 

4. Clear & salt the sidewalks.

If the property hasn't plowed or shoveled snow yet, you might want to clear a path from the truck to your apartment. Be sure to salt the sidewalk to prevent melting snow from freezing and becoming a slick hazard.

5. Bring rugs, cardboard, & U-Haul blankets.

Your boxes will inevitably get wet - but your new carpet doesn't have to. Leave a few towels at the door to dry off boxes, lay down a mat or cardboard to track the snow from your shoes. U-Haul blankets are especially handy for this (and you don't have to wash them!)

6. Heat on, heat off?

Be sure to transfer your utilities before you move. Having no power may be the worst mover's mistake. Turn the heat off at both places to save energy as the doors will be wide open. Keep a space heater unpacked and use it to heat up your new bathroom. Your ceramic throne will be SO much warmer.

7. Cheers!

One of the first things to unpack is your crockpot or a large pot. Make some rich hot coco or spiced apple cider, and your movers will LOVE you! 

Okay, so maybe moving in the winter doesn't have to be so bad. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and maybe the most beautiful too! Now, it's time for the fun stuff... Decorating! Here's 5 tips for price-conscious decorating.