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7 Residents That LOVE Their Sequoia Homes


This Valentine's Day, we asked you to share what you LOVE about living at a Sequoia Community. Reading each and every review and post was absolutely AMAZING and eye-opening. We love to brag about ourselves, but you guys truly did the bragging for us! Here's a countdown of our top seven most loveable reasons to live at a Sequoia Community.


Our mission is to elevate the ordinary. Did we succeed? 



#7 | Park Ridge Apartment Homes in Rohnert Park, CA Impeccably maintained grounds, renovated luxury amenities, and the welcoming staff make Park Ridge the best place to live in Rohnert Park, CA.

"I'm a retired military member now (U.S. Coast Guard). In 1994 I moved out west from New Jersey. Our base housing office, in Petaluma, recommended Park Ridge Apartments as the "primo" place to hang my hat. Not being one to rely upon someone else's opinion in such important matters, I chose to do my own research. In the end, however, I decided Park Ridge indeed was the best option. The rents here are reasonable, the property is well maintained, the amenities are great (particularly the hot tubs), and the staff are very pleasant and accommodating. The property itself was lovely even in 1994 but, a few years back, the entire community received an upgrade. Today all of the buildings, once "gray", are colorful and vibrant. My job took me to Southern California for a few years, beginning in 1999, but I returned in 2004 and chose again to live at Park Ridge. Over the past few years several new amenities have been added but, while I expected to witness a huge rent increase to pay for these luxury items, I've been monitoring area properties and have seen nothing out of the ordinary. So that clinches the deal for us. We've lived here 17 years (total) and intend to remain loyal "Park Ridge" fans for as long as we're privileged to reside in California."

-Timothy Nipko







#6 | Ballena Village Apartment Homes in Alameda, CA The level of service and hospitality from our team at Ballena Village is unparalleled by any other community in Alameda, CA.

"*An important disclosure about this review: I do not yet live in Ballena Village, but rather am reviewing the apartment hunting process and staff of Ballena Village. 

During our apartment hunt, my girlfriend and I looked at well over 20 options in-person. Of all these experiences, the level of service and hospitality at Ballena Village was unparalleled. Raymond and Shannon went the extra mile to show us all the possible living alternatives that would satisfy our needs and wants. They truly tried to help us find the right place for US, and didn't push us to stretch our budget or live with any compromises. Their great customer service was not a one-time thing. Throughout the entire apartment search process, the application process, and the next steps process, Shannon and Raymond were incredibly attentive and helpful. They always responded to our questions and requests within hours, if not minutes. Additionally, they went out of their way to help us on multiple occasions through various modalities (email, phone, in-person, etc). 

As a result of the gorgeous property grounds, high end finishes, great amenities, and level of service we have decided to proceed, and will be calling Ballena Village our home in just a few weeks. 

I will update Yelp on how the next chapter (living there) goes, but in the mean time, I give the place an all-around A+."

Yelp on Ballena Village Apartment Homes of review's River H.Read








#5 | Esplanade at Riverwalk Apartment Homes in Riverside, CA Coming home to Esplanade is a breeze through the beautiful palm trees. Top notch service and impeccably maintained grounds makes this the best community in Riverside, CA.

"There is ONE thing that I love about living at Esplanade... & it's the feeling of gratitude of LOVING where I live. That feeling I get EVERY NIGHT when I'm groggy from work, tired from traffic, and cringing at the thought of having to cook dinner... I exit the freeway and pull up to our beautiful, well maintained complex with beautiful palm trees in the background... and literally go "Ahhh~ im home." Esplanade reminds me everyday that no matter how bad of a day I had, at least I'm thankful for where I live and feel at peace by the time I park in my port. Of course they have top notch service - from the leasing office to the maintenance crew... Very clean & well maintained property. Trash valet service!!! plus they are ALWAYS on time+++ and no better feeling when its HOT and you're lounging in a resort style pool... sometimes I forget I'm home lol. Thank you for the feeling of gratitude of LOVING where I live."








#4 | Niguel Summit Condominium Rentals in Laguna Niguel, CA The incredibly responsive and fast-acting team at Niguel Summit makes our residents happy.

"My husband and I moved to Niguel Summit Condominiums this past summer and we are enjoying every bit of it. From the moment we leased our apartment to currently. The staff are extremely friendly, whenever we drop by the leasing office or even see them in the golf carts we always get the sweetest hellos! The online pay rent feature, online request to maintenance, and the online forums are a neat feature I haven't experienced in other housing apartments. When you submit a request to maintenance, they're at your apartment to fix it immediately, so I appreciate the timeliness! Another great thing about Niguel Summit is how dog friendly the community is, everyone is understanding and super friendly to dogs. There are doggy doodoo bags at very convenient locations, so I don't see much dog poop everywhere (which is nice!). Lastly, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Dana Point Strands is RIGHT THERE off of Crown Valley and PCH, so living here is a great place if you love going to the beach! #Home #myELEVATEDlife #NiguelSummit #SequoiaApartments"

-Alex Wright







#3 | Harrison Tower Apartment Homes in Portland, OR At Harrison Tower, you're more than just a number. You're a resident, you're a customer, you're a real person. And we intend on treating you like that.

"I have lived in the Harrison Tower Apartments for 6 years (!) and it is one of the true gems in Downtown Portland. Come for the best swimming pool in downtown Portland, and stay for the things that really matter - like management and leasing staff that treat you like a person (not just a customer), and appreciate that the apartment is where you call home. Coupled with the ideal location - away from most of the downtown traffic, on a tree-canopy street, with breathtaking views of Mount Hood, and amazingly close access to the Streetcar and MAX trains - and you won't find a better place to call home. Make sure you look here before you go elsewhere!"








#2 | Cortland Village Apartment Homes in Hillsboro, OR 


"This little corner of our home is where we keep our dreams. Here we store the tokens and memories from our past travels and dream up new lands to explore. Even though traveling is our passion, the best feeling of all is returning to our home and community that we love so much. Thank you Cortland Village for supporting our dreams and giving us a place we are always excited to come back to #myELEVATEDlife"

-Jessica Bonnett





#1 | Harrison Tower Apartment Homes in Portland, OR The office team and the service team at Harrison Tower work hard to ensure that each resident feels welcomed and at home at Harrison Tower.

"My family and I have been living here for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. This is without a doubt the best place we have lived in a very long time. We have moved quite a bit during my career in the Army. (both in the U.S. and overseas) First off, during the move in process the staff in the leasing office were incredibly helpful and understanding. I had to adjust my move in date a twice yet they never had a change in demeanor and remained completely professional and caring in our situation. Once we had our keys in hand and a place to call home, the maintenance manager assisted us with bringing all our house hold goods into our new home without hesitation. I have notice during the time we have been here that he is a very busy person. Consistently ensuring everything is functioning and is in a clean state. While the moving company were bringing my son's desk in. The drawer had fell out and broke. The movers said nothing to me or my wife however he spotted it. He immediately took it to his workshop and glued it back to health. This was just one of many examples I have experienced that really made me and my family come to admire the commitment to excellence that the entire staff here offers daily. Sorry for the long post but I highly encourage anyone looking to live downtown close to PSU, give Harrison Tower real consideration."




So you might be asking, "how'd you do it?" Let's just say, we don't do oh-so-typical apartment complexes. We create welcoming communities with all the extra touches that make it easy to enjoy life.


Elevate The Everyday | Sequoia's Tagline and Mission Statement