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8 Questions to Ask Your Leasing Consultant


In the market for an apartment? Don't forget to ask these important questions.

We're here to help make your search easier.

1. How long will I have to stay here?

The community feels great. You love the apartment. The rate is unbelievable. But how long is the lease term? Usually, lower rates mean longer lease terms. Most places offer strict 12-month contracts - find a community that offers flexible lease terms.

2. What's in the rent?

It's the biggest check you write every month, so you have a right to know if your utilities will be included.

3. How much do I already owe?!?

Nobody wants to dish out 3 months of rent on top of a huge deposit. What do you need to pay in order to move in? Keep in mind that fees are non-refundable, but deposits can have refundable terms. Is your future landlord transparent with your money?

4. So what if my sink doesn't work?

72-Hour Service Request Guarantee at Sequoia Communities

Many landlords offer emergency lines for after-hours requests, but what about non-emergency situations? Do they promise to attend to your request in a timely manner?

5. What about Renter's Insurance?

It's better to be safe than sorry. Find out the must-haves and contact your insurance provider to get a quote.

6. Can I bring Clifford?

Pets Complete Us at Sequoia Communities

Will the community allow your 150 lb. couch potato? We believe love has no weight limit. BONUS QUESTION: Does your leasing consultant know the names of all 34 dogs and 23 cats that live on site?

7. Where do I park?

Nobody wants to walk 5 miles from their car to their home. Will you have a guaranteed spot or garage? Where will your guests have to park?

8. What makes this neighborhood so great?

Living Local: Find the best things about your neighborhood

Sure, you can Google the nearest Starbucks or Subway. But your leasing consultant will know the coolest barista at the family-owned coffee shop on the corner, or the tastiest sub from the deli across the street. Who doesn't love a specialty donut or cupcake after a great outdoor hike?

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