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Back-to-School Must-Haves & Must-Trys


As summer comes to an end, back-to-school season begins! For parents, this can be a stressful and hectic (yet exciting) time. There are lunches to be packed, homework to be done, drop-offs and pick-ups to be scheduled, not to mention all the extra laundry. *Sigh*

To ensure the transition is a bit smoother, these are some products, recipes, and advice we found to be quite useful...We hope you do, too!

Loveable Products

Aside from your typical back-to-school supplies, here are a couple of products that we're especially loving for the upcoming school year:

  • Kids Closet Organizer: Let your little one pick out his/her own outfits at the start of each week! This hanging organizer makes it a fun and streamlined process for everyone. Plus, it helps make the most out of closet space!
    **TIP: Check the weather forecast on Sunday to make sure the chosen outfits are weather appropriate!
  • Reusable Sandwich Bags: These handy bags are perfect for storing sandwiches, fruits and veggies, dry snacks, and other lunchtime favorites! Exercise eco-friendly habits by cutting out the use of disposable plastic bags and switching to these washable silicone ones. Check out some of our other favorite kitchen gadgets here.

Prepare Quick & Easy Breakfasts

Studies show that children who eat breakfast have better overall performance in school. Providing a nutrient-rich breakfast means improved concentration and increased energy in the classroom! Here are some quick breakfast recipes that you can prep in your Sequoia kitchen (the kids will love these... trust us):

Managing Your Time

  • Homework/Study Habits: Set aside a dedicated window of time every day for your child to complete his/her homework. Find a workspace at home that is quiet and less distracting. Developing good study habits at a young age will make the transition to middle school, high school, and beyond, less difficult to manage!
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: Keep track of ongoing after-school activities to make sure your child doesn't have an over packed schedule. Of course, time for homework, meals, and relaxation is very important!
  • Catching Some Zzz's: Make sure your child gets an adequate amount of sleep every night to ensure concentration in the classroom. Try creating a nightly routine that works for everyone (including yourself). If you practice this routine strictly, bedtime will come naturally!