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Best Ways to Avoid Smoke Sickness


In light of recent events, Sequoia has introduced the Open Door Program to assist with some of the local hardships we are facing in California. We've also gathered a few helpful tips to stay safe in these challenging and dangerous times. Here's 4 precautions we suggest you heed until the environment becomes more favorable.

Northern California Wildfires: Four fires burning in the North Bay have merged into a single massive blaze burning in Napa and Sonoma counties.  The Partrick, the Nuns, the Norrbom and the Adobe fires are now one.  The Pressley fire is also close to merging with the four others.  Firefighters gained some ground on a blaze burning in the heart of California’s wine country but face another tough day ahead with low humidity and high winds expected to return.

Stay indoors if possible. 

Residents in heavily affected counties (Napa, Solano, Sonoma) should stay inside air conditioned buildings. Avoid outdoor activities, close all doors and windows, avoid running fans that draw air from outside. San Francisco, East Bay, and South Bay should also heed this warning, given close proximity to the affected areas. 

Start cleaning the air in your home.

Purchase one of these air purifiers for your home to go with your A/C. While they won’t allow you to open your doors and windows to the smoky air, you can slowly improve the quality of air in your home.

If you must go outside, wear a mask.

Simple dust or surgical masks won’t protect you from respiratory problems. Very fine smoke particles that are smaller than human hair can lodge in your respiratory system and cause serious damage. Children and the elderly are most likely to be affected by the particulates in smoky air. So, you need to look for masks with a particulate respirator with an N-95 rating or higher.

You’d usually find these around Home Depot, Lowe’s, or other hardware retailers, but we recommend you stay indoors and shop via Amazon. Most brick and mortar stores will have limited stock options as many people have depleted their stocks. 

You may consider leaving the region entirely until air quality improves. 

Sequoia communities are home to hundreds of families in Sonoma County. We are deeply saddened by the severe impact of the wildfires on our friends, colleagues, and neighbors. This is a fundraiser for Sequoia employees to donate in support of those impacted in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas. Proceeds will go to charitable organizations providing relief to victims of the Sonoma/Napa County wildfires. Donate here.

Introducing Sequoia's Open Door Program

In light of recent events, Sequoia has announced the Open Door Program for displaced families. We are opening our nearby communities in Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Vacaville, Benicia, and Martinez to accomodate discounted, short term rentals for those who have been evacuated in Santa Rosa and other Napa areas. Please email for more information.



Sequoia will be officially offering available apartment homes to those affected by the fires, including to our team members, their families and friends. Participating communities will include:


  • Park Ridge (Rohnert Park)
  • Azure (Petaluma)
  • Sandpiper Village (Vacaville)
  • River Oaks (Vacaville)
  • Sterling Heights (Benicia)
  • Regency Plaza (Martinez)
  • Plum Tree (Martinez)
  • Valley Ridge (Martinez)
  • Ridgecrest (Martinez) 


Please call your doctor if you have particular concerns regarding your own health.