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Cutting Edge Technology for 2017  


As many of us know, technology is forever changing and we as consumers are introduced on a weekly basis to new innovative technology trends. The overall goal of these gadgets are to help improve our daily routines if not lifestyles in some way. Below are some of the newest and cutting edge technology trends for your home in 2017. 

1 ) Norton Core - Talk about a trendy piece for your home. This wireless router provides WiFi all while defending your home against viruses, hackers, malware and more. 


2 ) Pet Cube - Do you ever wonder what your furry loved one is up to while you're away? Now you can! This device has an automatic treat dispenser that allows you to pre-schedule or toss them a treat remotely while you're streaming live on a 2-way camera. Plus, it features a 3x digital zoom and streams in at 1080p HD video with a 138 wide angle view. 


3) Nox Smart Sleep Light - Having trouble sleeping? This may help. Nox was designed to improve your overall quality of sleep while tracking and monitoring your body's sleep pattern. It then produces red wavelengths in order to increase the secretion of melatonin in your body, plays relaxing sound to help you sleep and turns off once you've fallen asleep. 


4) HiMirror - Beauty addicts - this one is for you. This HiMirror provides LED lights along with five different lighting scenarios to help you apply the perfect makeup for any occasion. Plus, it provides you with a personalized analysis of your skin and suggests products and routines to remedy them. 


5) UO Smart Beam Projector - Who needs a television anymore when you can project a high definition screen directly from your phone, iPad, laptop, etc.? This small, stylish and easy to pack up and go projector is the perfect solution. It offers a wide range of compatibility, provides laser focus and sheer clarity. 


6) Kuri Robot - Meet Kuri. A home robot that has the capability of learning your homes layout, will act as a personal alarm clock and captures photos and videos with its built in camera. If that wasn't enough, it recognizes your family members and can also tell your kids bedroom stories and much more.