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Four Considerations to Rethink Your Kitchen Décor


As you transition into summer and begin to refresh your apartment décor, don't forget to consider your kitchen. While it's often overlooked, the kitchen is a central space for entertaining and everyday life. Here are a few tips to help you kick off summer with a rejuvenated kitchen:

Start with a Clean Palette

Before you begin making any major décor decisions, tidy up your kitchen space and clear the surfaces of any grime or grease. It's important that you begin with a clean palette and fresh perspective. This will help you understand which areas of the kitchen you want to highlight or conceal with smartly placed accessories – perhaps a trendy vase to cover up that table scratch?

Stay Organized

Once the space is clean, you'll need to keep it organized. Try incorporating apothecary jars on your counters. These can hold everything from your dried goods, like sugar and flour, to assorted items like candies, cookies, or dog treats. This will also provide another dimension of décor to your space while storing your kitchen essentials.

Choose a Focal Point

The focal point of any room defines the space. Creating one in your kitchen will give the room an identity, immediately attracting the attention of your loved ones and guests. You can achieve this by hanging a piece of artwork on a main wall or directly behind the kitchen table. If your space is limited, hanging a mirror behind the table as the focal point can create the illusion of more open space in the room. 

Upgrade Your Furniture

Are your current kitchen furnishings outdated? Whether you're in need of a new tablet or chairs, upgrading to better quality options doesn't have to break the bank. Search online for affordable, previously leased options that will bring new life to your kitchen. Finding a durable solution now will ensure you don't need to re-evaluate your furnishings in the months to come.

This summer, give your kitchen the attention it deserves. Keep these tips in mind and you'll have a clean, organized, and reinvigorated space that will last the whole season.