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How to Move Pets into Your New Home


Now that you’ve found a pet-friendly apartment, follow these tips to keep your dog or cat safe and happy on move-in day.

1. Talk to your vet.

If you’re traveling far, consult your veterinarian about ways to lessen the stress on the car ride over. Ask for recommendations on vets in your destination and find out if there are any region-specific vaccines or medications your pet might now need.

2. Update your pet’s ID tags.

Purchase new pet tags engraved with your telephone number and new address. The old tag won’t do any good for a lost dog!

3. Prepare your new home.

In the move, take everything with you that will remind your pet of home. You may want to wash their blankets and beds, but don’t! The familiar smell will ease their transition. Make sure your pet has accessible food, water, and all its favorite toys from the get-go.

4. Establish your new routine quickly.

At your old place, you had a daily morning routine: feeding time, a jog around the block, cuddle session on the couch. Do your best to continue that schedule or gradually introduce your pet to new changes.

5. Check out the neighborhood.

It’s great that your new apartment is pet-friendly, but how about the surrounding neighborhood? Research parks in your area or other local places that approve of your pet’s company.

Did you know that we will reimburse your adoption fees when you adopt from a local shelter? Check out our beloved PAWS Program.