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How to "Wow" in the Kitchen


The kitchen is more than just a room to prepare meals. It’s a place where conversations are had, music is played and memories are made. If you are planning on entertaining, it might be time to give your kitchen a summer spruce-up! Here are a few simple suggestions for cost-effective ways to “wow” in the kitchen.

Create a Coffee Station

Are you one of those people whose day doesn't start until you’ve had a cup of joe? If coffee is a part of your daily routine, consider setting up a unique coffee station on your kitchen counter space. Find unique jars that fit your décor theme for holding coffee beans or grounds. Also, consider placing a small chalkboard behind your coffee machine to label whichever blend is brewing. Lastly, as a finishing touch, shelve or hang your favorite mugs in the area for easy access.

Establish a Focal Point

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme in your kitchen, it’s important to establish a focal point. Doing this will give the room an identity, immediately attracting the attention of your loved ones and guests. You can achieve this by simply hanging a painting or a unique piece of artwork on a main wall, or directly behind the kitchen table. Consider adding a mirror directly behind the table as the focal point to create the illusion of a more open space. Another practical consideration is adding a whiteboard to a wall for keeping track of chores, bills or even your shopping list.

Give it a Deep Clean

Spring is over, but there’s never a bad time of the year to give the rooms in your apartment a deep clean. In the kitchen especially, it’s important to keep the floors and counter space, as well as your appliances, clear of any grime and grease. Scrub your oven and microwave, pull out the fridge and mop the entire space. It will take a few hours of your time, but will be worth it when your space has a fresh and clean look and feel.

Once the space is spick and span, you’ll need to keep it that way. To stay organized throughout the year, try incorporating apothecary jars on your counters. These can hold everything from your dried goods, like sugar and flour, to assorted candies. This will also provide another dimension of décor to your space while storing your kitchen essentials.

Look around your kitchen. Could it use a little pick-me-up? If so, implement these tips to create a little wow factor in the space. With just a little time and effort, you can spice things up and create an entirely different vibe in your kitchen.