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Infusing Winter Décor in Your Apartment


There are still several weeks remaining in the fall season, but November is a great time to begin thinking about your upcoming winter décor. If you're looking for a new take on the season, consider these tips to prep your apartment for the colder months ahead.

Welcome Guests at the Door

Green wreaths are classic decorations, but they aren't going to make your apartment stand out. Instead, welcome guests entering your home with more unique door décor! Consider hanging a straw basket and filling it with some of your favorite seasonal items. For example, you can add a colorful arrangement of winter flowers, such as jasmine, primrose, marigolds, and violets.

Decorate With Woven or Wire Baskets

Adding rustic, straw, or wire baskets throughout your living space to hold blankets and other everyday items make for a cozy winter space. Place smaller baskets on tables to hold decorative items like pinecones, ornaments, or even holiday candy. It's all in the details!

Faux Foliage is Your Friend

There's nothing wrong with artificial plants. Sure, you won't have the natural aromas that living plants bring into your home, but your faux décor is guaranteed to last year-to-year and requires no maintenance. Go classic by simply hanging faux fir branches and other greenery on the walls or above windows. Or, get a bit more creative by intertwining garland with Christmas lights to illuminate the space.

Let It Snow!

Ever wanted to live in a winter wonderland? Now's your chance. There are a ton of ways to whiten up your living space with snow-inspired décor. Simple steps include switching out your tablecloth for an all-white alternative. If you enjoy crafts, create your own paper snowflakes, weave them together with string, and hang them down from windows. Remember those baskets? Add white, fluffy blankets and stack them with holiday pillows to create a full, wintery look.

Winter décor provides plenty of opportunities to get create as you welcome friends and family into your apartment. It's never too early to start planning, so begin thinking about ways to redecorate your space for the upcoming season.