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Major Key Alert: Din Tai Fung in Seattle


It’s been described by Vice Media as “the single greatest bite of food I’ve ever had in my life” and boy, were they RIGHT! I am still gushing over how amazing the xiaolongbao, or soup dumpling, was at Din Tai Fung! They opened a new location just 10 minutes away from The Mill at First Hill.

Din Tai Fung, originally a cooking oil supplier, is seen as one of the most authentic Taiwanese restaurants in the United States. They’re still rocking a 1 hour wait (there's an article written on it!) even with two alternate locations in Bellevue and the University District. Rumor has it they have another location in Southcenter already in the works!

After dining there on Tuesday night, I’m thoroughly convinced that this little soup-filled slice of life is definitely the key to happiness, world peace, and the secret to living longer.

Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao Dinner, Pork Soup Dumpling

My suggestion: start with the sautéed green beans, move on to the pork xiaolongbao for dinner, and the chocolate-mochi filled dumplings for dessert if available. Have you ever had decadent, molten chocolate fondue while lying on a dream cloud, surrounded by starlight? If not, you now have a new dish to try this weekend, Seattle.