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Organize Your Kitchen to Stop Wasting Food


Keeping track of your food may seem like an easy task, but it can easily be forgotten about if not organized correctly in the kitchen. Follow these organizational tips so your kitchen is prepared after a trip to the grocery store.

Write out your weekly meal plan.

Set aside time to plan your meals before you head to the store to avoid wasting your time, money, and excess food. To keep yourself on track, post the written plan somewhere in the kitchen. This could simply be scribbles on a paper calendar, written out on a dry-erase board, or posted on the fridge. Get creative!

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Place food that needs to be eaten first at eye level.

Stuffing broccoli in the back of a refrigerator drawer is a guaranteed way to forget their existence. Store perishable food at eye level so you don’t ever have to think about what’s hiding.

Store food in one place.

There are lots of drawers and cabinets in your kitchen to store food. Designate one single place as a pantry so that you’ll remember where everything is located.

Label your leftovers.

How often do you forget what day you made that spaghetti sitting on the fridge shelf? You end up throwing it in the trash before you even give it a chance. Label your leftovers with a clearly marked date so that you’ll remember to eat it before it goes old.

Keep fruit out of drawers.

You’ll be more likely to grab that apple or banana when it’s sitting on a counter top. You can't store all types of fruit at room temperature, but making it more accessible will prevent it from going to waste.