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Spring Cleaning Tips, Vol. 2


Up next is part 2 of Spring Cleaning... Common Areas!

Carpets and Rugs 

High traffic areas of your carpet only have to be cleaned once or twice a year, and the bedroom about every 18 months. Depending on pets, spot cleaning is also recommended as needed. Double check with your leasing office for care instructions and if they have any partnerships with carpet cleaning companies.

Washing Machine

Nothing is worse than a smelly washing machine. Add vinegar and baking soda and run it through on a Hot Cycle. Let drain. Wipe out with a cloth and let dry. Voila.

Walls/ Baseboards

Yeah, those get dirty too. Every time your fur baby sneezes by the base boards. Every time you lean on the wall to put on the left shoe by the entry. Magic Erasers are amazing and even great on flat paint. You can also use a warm wet rag and dish soap, but heed caution and test a small inconspicuous place first. 

Your Broom

Yeah, the broom. Where do you think all those dust bunnies go to die? Swish it around in hot soapy water and let it dry AFTER you use the vacuum extension on the bristles. 

Happy Cleaning!