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The Best Ways to Share Closet Space


Divvying up wardrobe space can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be! Make the most of the area you and your roommate share for better organization (and to avoid conflict, too!).

Negotiate functionalities.

You own more dresses than your roommate, but she has way more shoes. See if she’s willing to accept extra bottom shelf space in return for additional hanging room for yourself.

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Think outside the closet.

There’s no need for your chunky sweaters to take up room on the rack when you won’t be wearing them again for several months. Rotate seasonal wear from your closet to a bin that can be kept under your bed, or a stylish chest against a bedroom wall. While you’re at it, donate the clothes that you never touch (regardless of the time of year).

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Keep like with like… but use a system.

Who says you have to divide respective territory straight down the middle. It doesn’t make sense for belts to be in two different drawers and dresses to be hanging in multiple locations. Mix your stuff together, but develop a color-coding system. Hang your shirts up with blue hangers, and his with green. Use the same coordination for hooks and mark the outside of drawers, too.

Make more fit.

Every inch of space is valuable, so use extra slim cascading hangers to maximize the limited room. Make the most of dead space, such as high shelves and tricky corners, by using decorative boxes and bins of various shapes and sizes to help with the organization.

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Watch out for clutter.

Define what belongs in the closet and what doesn't. If you're not careful, the ins and outs of your purse, contents of your jean pockets, and other non-clothing items will wind up on shelves and dumped into drawers, taking up precious space. Some clutter is natural, but make time to clean up and reassess the space.