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Top 8 Common Fire Hazards in Your Home


The coldest time of the year can actually be the most dangerous season for apartment fires. Here are the 8 most common fire traps hiding in plain sight in your home.

  1. Dryer Lint

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  • Have your landlord check and unclog the dryer hose periodically

  • Remove lint from filter after each load of laundry

  • Similarly, hair dryer vents can become clogged with hair and dus

  1. Unattended Cooking

  • Whether you're baking cookies or boiling water, stay in the kitchen!

  • Clear items away from the stovetop

  • Check food as it is baking in the oven

  • Use microwave safe or oven safe dishes

  • If a fire starts, don't use water or flour! Grease fires can spread quickly in these conditions. Keep a fire extinguisher around that can put out tricky grease fires.

  1. Décor

  • Keep curtains away from heat sources

  • Avoid putting materials over lamp shades

  • Unplug decorative lights when not in use and before leaving or going to sleep

  1. Holiday Décor

  • Turn off lights before leaving and going to sleep

  • Turn off tree lights as they heat up, especially on live trees

  • LED lights are a cooler, safer, and more energy efficient alternative

  1. Light Bulbs

  • Use the correct size and wattage in lamps and fixtures

  • Too high of wattage can turn into a fire hazard

  1. Electrical Outlets

  • Don't overload or force too many plugs into one outlet

  • Unplug items not in use: toasters, curling irons, coffee machines, space heaters, phone chargers, etc.

  • Use power strips sparingly

  • Unplug and replace frayed or damaged cords

  • Covering cords with rugs or blankets can cause overheating

  1. Heating and Cooling

  • Contact your landlord for maintenance upkeep

  • Keep flammable items away from electric space heaters

  • Turn off space heaters when you leave or go to sleep

  1. Fireplaces

  • Confirm with your landlord that the fireplace has been inspected and the chimney has been swept

  • Remove flammable objects from the vicinity


Always be ready! Buy smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and renters insurance ahead of time. Taking a few moments to search for fire hazards in your home can save time, money, and even your life.