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When is the Best Time to Move?


In the midst of a stressful move, deciding on what day or time you should load up the moving truck and call a new place home may seem fairly insignificant. However, by taking a moment to consider these small but important details, your move will be much more successful and your bank account will be VERY thankful.

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Best Time of the Year - Fall and Spring

If you live in a place that 's controlled by the seasons, you will want to make sure to avoid the extreme temperature highs and lows. Packing boxes and boxes in 100 degree weather and loading up that moving truck in the snow will make the move miserable. In addition, most moves take place during the summer with September 1st leases, causing moving truck rates to skyrocket. By making that move starting in mid-September and on, you’ll avoid the busiest moving days in the city.

Best Day of the Year - Weekdays

Many people think to move during the weekends so they don’t have to take off from work or other weekday responsibilities. Thus so, the demand for movers is much greater at this time. By avoiding weekend peaks, you’ll be able to find great deals. Plus, by taking a day off and moving during the week, you’ll have the whole weekend free to unpack and get organized before Monday rolls around again.

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Best Time of the Day - Early Morning

This may sound dreadful if you love to sleep in until noon, but getting up early means you have the whole day ahead of you to make the transition! Plus, with that cup of coffee you’re guaranteed to be more energized in the AM.

Other Considerations…

Sometimes, you may not have the luxury of being able to choose what time of year, week, or day to move. This “ideal” time is different for everyone, and is dependent on work flexibility, friends and family, and of course, budget. However, by figuring out these factors and by considering all elements, you will be well on your way for a successful move.

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