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Let me say that the work done was spectacular. The people from Sequoia Construction were friendly and professional. I can’t say enough on how impressed I am with their work. Over the years we have had several contractors do various projects for us, and Sequoia Construction ranks at the top for total satisfaction. I would HIGHLY recommend them to our neighbors, and would use them in the future. Please let Chris Nash, and his crew, know how pleased we are.




Thanks Steve. I would like to give credit to your team for being so honest about the nail. One of the workers heard the tire when the resident drove by and he went to the car and found the nail. He immediately reported it to Glen who then came to me and told me about it. They could have very easily pulled the nail out of the tire and walked away. The fact that they didn’t says a lot about the integrity of your staff and I sincerely appreciate them all.

Netti Pena
Community Manager



Kudos to Juan and his assistant for the excellent work. They were very thorough and the repair is superb.

I would also like to thank you for the excellent communication, documentation, and follow-up.

I sent your invoice forward to Armond Balaian, Sr. PM, for submission to our accounting department. It was a pleasure working with Sequoia. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Tom Ramlan


Dear Sequoia,

We’re neighbors of the apartment building at 795 Corbett and have
had a birds-eye view of the guys working to replace the roofs over there….

Just wanted to say that they work like a great crew… responsible, never slacking off
during cold winds and fog, heat-wave… etc. Looking like a well-oiled machine as they
do the work.

Hope you can pass this praise on to some of the guys.


Karen Weaver
Corbett Ave., San Francisco

Hi Chris.

I’m Tom Walker; I live in unit six at the Mirasol Condominiums in San Francisco. I’m writing to commend the crews you sent to our place to investigate the situation in unit one. Everyone you sent represented Sequoia very well. All were unfailingly courteous and patient, and thoroughly professional.

I especially want to commend Alfredo Garcia and Angel. They had the unenviable task of first contact (after you visited) and of having to give me the news that they needed to do stuff in our unit to further the investigation. They were not only courteous and patient, but even personable as they clearly explained what they needed to do and why. And they worked diligently to keep the disruption in our unit to a minimum. On the wall where they had needed to cut a hole, the repair and painting they did after closing the hole were excellent. Even my wife couldn’t tell where the hole had been, nor did she detect any difference in the paint color. They did a great job.

Alfredo and Angel were in a situation that could have easily produced a disgruntled neighbor (me) but instead produced a salesman for Sequoia (me). I will not hesitate to recommend Sequoia, in the main because of the excellent work and good character of Alfredo and Angel. That Alfredo and Angel work for Sequoia is a terrific reflection on Sequoia, as well.

Best wishes,

Tom Walker

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