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5 Ways to Deal With Difficult Roommates


Let's face it... everyone wishes they could live alone. But when you're in college, you're pretty much forced to live with roommates. Arguments are inevitable, so you've got to learn how to deal with them.

1. Talk about your own flaws. Everyone LOVES to talk about themselves. Why not change up the normal flow, and talk about your least attractive features? Maybe you're a little messy, or you like to sleep in past 9. Whatever it is, you gotta communicate it to your roommate.

2. Speak up! Playing passive aggressive games won't help anyone. If you see something that really gets under your skin, let them know. The longer you wait, the more bitter you'll become. Don't just wish for things to change, say what's on your mind. Your roommate might be more receptive to two-way communication.

3. Get away from everything. You probably won't be able to study when your roommate has 2 other friends over. Instead of becoming annoyed and loudly ruffling your papers, take some time and get out of the house. Take a walk to the library and settle in your favorite nook. Everyone needs their alone time.

4. Get a 3rd party involved. Can't seem to solve the issue? Grab your RA or talk with someone that doesn't have skin in the game. Every conflict has a resolution; sometimes, it takes more than two people to see it. 

5. Take a deep breath, and relax. Sometimes it's not them, it's you. Are you up to your nose in school work and lacking proper sleep? You might be more sensitive to minor things under heavy stress. Take a few moments to de-stress and chill out. If the issue still bothers you when you're calm, then maybe it's time to say something.

A year can seem like ages when you're living with someone you don't really like. Don't let this ruin your college experience! If things just don't work out, there's plenty of solutions out there. You just have to find the one that fits your situation.