Find out all about who we are as a company.


We are here to inspire.

We believe it’s the little things we do for our residents that go a long way. Does your dog need a walk? We love dogs. Your kid’s playing in the dirt on the lawn? Our yard is your yard. Nobody would argue that making someone’s day a little more special is a good feeling. And we like feeling good and living in comfort. That’s probably why we attract like-minded people.

We’re not just another apartment complex.

Clearly we’re not the posh, unapproachable apartments that feel like they’re reserved for royalty. But, we also don’t waste time cutting corners. We believe doing things right the first time shows how much we care about the people that choose to live in our properties. We know that by choosing us, they’re choosing to get a little more out of life. And we are happy to give it to you.


We strive to make the ordinary a little more special by inspiring our employees and creating communities where people can expect more out of everyday life.


Sequoia Equities encourages giving back to the community.

Giving Back

Sequoia is a proud partner of the Children’s Miracle Network. From surprise hospital visits to donation rallies, children have a special place in our hearts. We love to help make their days a little more special – especially when their days are not so great.

Sequoia Equities is committed to going green.

Mother Earth

UV-resistant roofing, paperless billing and eSigning, valet recycle, smoke-free environments, and electric car charging stations. Being a good environmental steward means more to us than it does to the average bear. After all, we are named after a tree.

We support our teachers, first responders, and armed forces.

Saluting Our Heroes

From teachers to firefighters, police officers to active duty military and veterans, we’re thankful for your service. Our local heroes enjoy special discounts when they move into a Sequoia community.

Rescue pets are the best pets!

Forever Homes

We know the “ordinary” for a shelter pet is not so great. To make their lives a lot more special, Sequoia is happy to reimburse our residents up to $250 each time they adopt a cat or dog from the local humane society. So go ahead, make their day.