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7 Current Apps That Are Essential To Students Vol. #1



These current apps will not only make your life easier but more productive as well.



Imagine having a personal secretary at your beacon call whenever you need something documented fast. Dragon’s speech recognition technology is the best in the biz and their redesigned user interface makes utilizing this app a breeze.

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Ever have trouble sleeping? Where you just can’t turn your brain off after a long day of studying or lectures? If so, then you should download White Noise. This app has a ton of background noises and lets you create your own sleep sound playlist by mixing various elements together.


If you have roommates or just best friends that you hang out with all the time, Venmo is a must. Venmo is a money transfer app that is absolutely free when using debit transactions. Transfer money back and forth between friends and roommates simply by pushing a button. Trips to the bank to pull out cash are a thing of the past when you have this app.

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In one of our recent blogs, “8 Budget Tips for Today’s Student” we recommended saving a ton of cash by cooking meals together with your roommates. In theory, it sounds great, but how do you really make this happen when there are multiple schedules involved and certain groceries that need to be accounted for. That’s where Anylist comes in. Create specific grocery lists and share them easily with your roommates. Lists update in real-time for everyone in your group and you can even create lists using Siri.

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In this day where access to everything is possible, everybody needs a smarter calendar and UPTO is exactly that. This calendar app has a smarter interface that includes layers of various calendars that you follow. Use it to see what’s coming up on your primary calendar, then swipe to your next layer to see what’s coming up on calendars that you follow, such as your favorite sport’s team, top TV shows, or even that band which you can’t get enough of.

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Who has the money to pay for a fat cable bill anymore? The answer is nobody. Netflix is cable for the next generation with intriguing original series, a library of hit movie titles, and most importantly - a monthly fee that dwarfs that of the top cable companies.

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Like Netflix, Amazon offers a subscription service called Prime that allows you to access lots of entertainment options for a very low monthly price. But unlike Netflix, their subscription service gives you added benefits at no additional cost, such as free two-day shipping on thousands of products sold on For gamers, it opens up a universe of titles that can be played for free, anytime.

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