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11 Things to Know About Your Apartment Community

Choosing a new apartment community to live at can be a daunting task. There's so much more to consider beyond community amenities. What's the new office staff like? Does the property live up to its professionally Photoshopped images? Here's 11 things to research about your community management team.

1. What's the employee culture like?
Sequoia's Employee and Company Culture is EXTRAORDINARY
Does the staff show up just to get a paycheck, or is it their passion to provide an excellent customer experience? Pay attention to the staff's empathy, it’s often a great reflection of how you’ll be treated when you move in. Look for a transparent company culture - if the employees are happy and supported, they'll be more likely to transfer that same feeling to you. Does the staff seem like a family? Call anyone at Sequoia, and we will take care of you, because it's what we do. We are about helping each other, our customers, our neighbors.

2. Is the property impeccably maintained and groomed?
Maintenance Teams working hard to make sure Shadow Ridge is clean and groomed
The way the community looks is a great indicator of the condition your apartment will be in. Do they take care of the common areas day-in and day-out? Does the staff pick up trash while they're on a tour, or do they just let it sit there?

3. Do their amenities inspire a sense of community?
Large Gym Amenity in Deer Valley in Roseville, CA inspiring a sense of community
Check to see if the common areas are active. Is the pool the hot spot? Could you find a workout partner at the gym? At Sequoia, what makes us comfortable are great rooms, package lockers, on-demand fitness systems, billiard and wine rooms, dog parks, pool decks with daybeds, and electronic keys for after-hours access. Sound good to you? Maybe we’re a good match!

4. What happens if you’re just completely unsatisfied once you move in…are you stuck?
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Let's just get down to it. We’re so confident that you’ll love your new place at Sequoia, we’re willing to make an extraordinary promise. If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with within the first 30 days, just let the community manager know. We’ll let you out of your lease – no questions asked. What other community offers that?

5. If your family members have a tail and 4 legs, find out about their pet policies.
Sequoia Communities have pet policies with NO WEIGHT LIMITS.
Pets complete us. We don't just tolerate pets, we love them. And we believe love has no weight limit. So whether you have a 150 lb. couch potato or a 10 lb. teacup, pets have a blast at our communities. We also know the “ordinary” for a shelter pet is not so great. To make their lives a lot more special, Sequoia is happy to reimburse our residents up to $250 each time they adopt a cat or dog from the local humane society. So go ahead, make their day.

6. What about Social Events?
No more socially awkward events with Sequoia
We get it. Most of you try to avoid eye contact with your neighbors. But something deep inside us feels the need to change all that. So, we host four casual social events each year – from mimosa brunches to harvest festivals, each is designed to allow you to meet your neighbors. It makes borrowing a cup of sugar way less awkward.

7. How do they handle repairs? What about after hours?
72-Hour Service Request Guarantee
Even if everything in the apartment appears to be in good working order, make sure you check how emergency repairs are handled. Isn’t a bummer when the garbage disposal stops working or a fan goes out? There’s no greater priority for us than keeping your home in tip-top shape. We respond to maintenance requests within 72 hours – usually fewer!

8. Does the staff love it enough to live there?
Sequoia offers great housing discounts and perks to on-site employees
Without being too creepy, ask if the staff lives on-site. There’s nothing better than having the leasing consultant tell you they, too, are sold on the place.

9. What about furniture rental?
Rent your furniture through CORT Furniture Rentals
A solid partnership with a furniture rental company can be really beneficial. Not only do some places like CORT Furniture Rentals offer exclusive partnership discounts (like 50% off!), they also have a huge variety of rental packages to make living AND moving that much easier. Say goodbye to the days of shady Craigslist couches and mismatched dining room sets!

10. Ask about business partnerships and charitable organizations.
Preferred Employer Program and Corporate Housing through Sequoia Equities
Sequoia has great connections with local business and offers some unique perks to employees of those companies. Ask if the company you work for is on the list. Also, does the community stand behind a greater purpose? At Sequoia, we partner with organizations like Children's Hospital and Habitat for Humanity to raise funds and awareness on company time. Sequoia also provides personal purpose days for those causes important to each employee.

11. Do they promote the ease of your lifestyle or the business?
Sequoia promotes ease of your lifestyle by elevating the everyday
Make sure you're moving somewhere that puts you first. We believe doing things right the first time shows how much we care about the people that choose to live in our properties. We designed our resident programs with you in mind.

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