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DIY Ping Pong Ball Lights



DIY: Ping Pong Ball Lights


Ever wondered what you’re going to do with all of those extra mismatched holiday lights? We’ve got you covered with a simple, low cost DIY that will be sure to add a pop of personality and ambience to your space. This post comes to you directly from our guest author, Callum Mundine, co-owner of LED World. He’s passionate about lighting and is bringing you a step by step guide for this Ping Pong Ball Light DIY.


Here are a few pointers directly from Callum to help get you started:


LED Lights


When a DIY project is simple and economical it grabs my attention. If you have some extra Christmas lights that never get used anymore, now’s your chance to give them a second lease on life. Just make sure they’re LED bulbs which don’t get hot to the touch, and plug them in and check all the bulbs are working before you get started.


If you’re buying a new strand of LEDs for this project, think about whether you prefer white or multicolored lights. White bulbs can provide a neutral, warm glow to any space, whereas multicolored lights can give you a pop of fun.


The color of the wiring also varies. Depending on the look you’re going for, you may prefer white or translucent to green.


Ping Pong Balls

How many ping pong balls will you need? That depends on the length of your LED strand. You’ll need at least one ball for every bulb, but it’s always better to have a few extra in case they break.


Shorter strands tend to have 10 or 20 bulbs, whilst longer ones have around 100. Think about the space you want to decorate and decide which length would suit you best. Amazon usually has good deals on bulk orders, so this can be a good place to look for ping pong balls if your local sports store only sells them in packs of twos.  


Brighten Up Your Terrace

These lights are also ideal for illuminating a terrace, balcony, or gazebo. You’ll just need to make sure your LEDs are suitable for outdoor use.


“But what if it rains?” To use ping pong ball lights outside, you just need to seal the balls to stop rain and dirt from getting in. I prefer to use silicone as it’s easy to remove; you might need to change a bulb once in awhile. Glue would also work but it can make it trickier to remove the balls intact.


Things you’ll need:

  • Strand of LEDs (white or multicolored)

  • Precision knife (or Xacto knife)

  • Ping pong balls (at least one for each bulb)

  • Silicone or glue (optional)


Step 1:

Use the precision knife to - carefully - cut an X into each ball. To make this easier you can place the balls in an empty egg carton to hold them in place.


Step 2:

Grab your LEDs and push each bulb through the X in the ball. The light should be pushed through enough to feel secure, but not so much that it touches the inside of the ball. Repeat until every bulb is covered.


Step 3:

To make the balls extra secure or prevent water from getting in, add a touch of silicone sealer around the socket and cover the X. Lay the balls on a flat surface so they completely dry before you hang them up.

Step 4:

Hang your lights up, plug them in, and step back to appreciate the great atmosphere you just created in your room.



If you want to check out more from LED World visit them at