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Why You Should Buy Your Bed Online


This isn’t the first time I’ve bought a bed from Amazon Prime. I have ordered three mattresses and frames online and been quite pleased each time. I'll walk you through my buying process and let you know exactly how the product worked.

So what did I search for?

The first thing I searched for: “full size mattress.” This search provided WAY too many options. I don’t have time to browse through hundreds of products. Let’s refine that search to “memory foam full size mattress.” Much better. Being an Amazon Prime member, I filtered by Prime products only. I needed this bed to arrive sooner rather than later. And I did not want to try and fit a bed from a local store in my Honda Civic. I found this affordable product with plenty of customer reviews.

As for the frame, I wanted something that was simple and maximized under-bed storage. I also wanted something that could break down easily, in anticipation of a move in the near future. Plus, you can’t really argue with FREE shipping.

Two days later…

I received a mattress-sized package on my doorstep. It wasn’t too heavy, I felt comfortable lifting it on my own. The box was as long as the mattress width, but the mattress came packed so the box was easy to maneuver. If I had stairs in my home, this box would not have been an issue.

The mattress came rolled and bagged. Removing the tight canvas bag was probably the toughest part. A few moments later and the packaging was cut open and the bed started to inflate. I also thought the branding of their info booklet was simplistic and personable. Way to go, Zinus!

Two more days later…

The frame has arrived!

The frame arrived in a box that was approximately a quarter of the size of the bed. Not terribly heavy, but having it delivered to my doorstep was SO convenient. The product came in two pre-assembled pieces with a small packet of screws. The best part? There’s only five simple steps to assemble.

Honestly, it was really easy to put together. Unfold, pull the legs up, screw them into place, stand right side up, and screw both sides together. Within 10 minutes, I had fully assembled the frame. That’s it!


I am happy with my purchase! I like a firm mattress – I’d categorize this as “extra firm.” The frame is completely sturdy and quiet, a big bonus. Nobody likes to roll over and sound like an 18-wheeler coming to a stop. The underbed storage is perfect to stash laundry baskets comfortably. This Zinus product is great for renters (especially those on upper floors) and people who just don't have time to go to Ikea.