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Sequoia Construction & Roofing Services

Sequoia Property Services (SPS) specializes in providing general construction and roofing services in California, Oregon, and Washington. These services are provided to our clients through two separate divisions; Sequoia Construction Services and Sequoia Roofing Services. Our experience includes construction repair & remodeling, plumbing, electrical, painting, tenant improvements, general property maintenance, re-roofing, conditions assessment, and leak repair.

We have long-standing relationships and partnerships with vendors, contractors, owners and investors in real property, which allow SPS to consider a wide range of job types related to real estate improvement and renovation. These relationships enable SPS to deliver best pricing to our clients, without sacrificing the quality of service rendered, accommodating economies of scale.

Allow Sequoia’s 25 years of experience as an owner, asset manager, and market analyst to realize rental premiums and enhance the value of your assets.

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