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Sequoia’s Roofing Division employs management systems that other companies do not. This ensures our team members are qualified, experienced in maintaining quality control, and specialized in the type of roofing material or installation work involved in the scope of your project. From the first day you come into contact with one of our Roofing Division team members, you will see that it is our goal to steer the job to completion on time and in line with your budget.

Sequoia offers five key roofing services to clients:


Upon request, one of our roofing specialists will coordinate with you to perform an initial inspection. Once a thorough examination of the roofing conditions is made, we will provide you with a written proposal for approval before beginning work. Our team of roofing technicians specializes in the inspection and installation of a variety of roofing materials and styles including: asphalt shingle, cool, tile, green, shake, and built-up roofs.


The lifespan of a healthy roof is dependent upon the quality of maintenance it receives throughout its lifecycle. As such, we work with property managers and owners of real property to develop a cost effective routine maintenance program to maximize the longevity of your roof.


We work with a variety of asset classes, architectural styles, and conditions. Our team of seasoned designers will prepare custom specifications that are in-line with your budget requirements.


Our skilled crews are available for emergency roofing repairs. Initially, leaks are investigated to locate the source of water intrusion. From there we seamlessly correct any basic flaws or defects. If a repair is made temporarily (due to wet weather conditions) we will follow up with you by submitting recommendations for permanent repair.


Oftentimes, necessary repairs are not feasible due to your budget parameters. In these cases, our team will work alongside you to create a personalized program to mitigate leaks and sensibly postpone replacement. Roof preservation programs outline a set of mutually agreed upon steps that include inspection, analysis, and targeted repairs.

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