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5 Kid-Friendly Decor Inspirations From A Mom Of Two


Just kidding. It's time to DECORATE!

Got little ones? Then there's no better time to inspire the young soul in yourself with these fun decor ideas to set up their play space.
1. Have fun with paint
Loosen up a bit! Zig zags and pinstripes are a fun look. Lay down a few strips of painter's tape and viola!
Creative painting in Brio Apartment Homes in Glendale, CA

2. Give them a work space.
There's nothing like a dedicated area for homework or a rad coloring session. Even the smallest nooks can provide a haven for learning and creativity.

If you don't want to splurge, you can indulge your own creative side with some unique netting or fun fabrics from your local craft store.

4. Throw down some throw pillows.
As much as kids love to explore the floor, throw pillows in bright colors, prints, and fabrics can make for a groovy lounge area.

5. Organize with toy bins.
Say goodbye to the good old days of stepping on Legos and Barbie Doll shoes. Patterned baskets offer a storage space that is gentle on the eyes. Stuffed animals and extra linens will thank you as well.



Kid-friendly spaces don't have to be filled with primary colored plastic bins. Your home can be inviting and playful all at once. Don't just take our word for it - try it yourself!


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