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How to Fake a Clean Home in 10 Minutes


You have friends coming over in ten minutes and you have no time to clean your apartment. Have no fear! With these quick steps, you can fake a clean home before the guests come knocking on the door.

  • Get an empty basket and toss all the clutter on the coffee table, counters, kitchen table, etc. into the basket. Hide the basket behind closed master bedroom doors (don’t worry, you can put things in their proper place later).

  • Wipe down surfaces with a wet rag.

  • Quickly toss dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

  • Straighten the couch cushions and pillows.

  • Take your handheld vacuum and suck up noticeable crumbs.

  • Tidy up any shoes, bags, or jackets in the entry way.

  • Spray a little air freshener or light a few candles.

  • Change into your go-to outfit.  

  • Enjoy your night!

After the guests have left, check out these Spring cleaning tips for more ways to tidy up!